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Toilet That Cleans You


The Toilet That Cleans You: Combined, Bidet Toilet Seats, and Attachment Options

Toilet that cleans you

A car that drives itself.

An investment account that invests in itself.

A thermostat that sets your home’s temperature before you walk through the door.

The modern world is full of nifty, automatic devices that do advanced things for you, but a toilet that cleans you?! That’s just madness, right?


While you’ve probably heard a bit about bidet toilet seats and attachments, their lesser-known cousin is the combo toilet: the toilet that cleans you, sings to you, warms your bum, and can almost cook you breakfast. Almost.

If you’re in the market for the ultimate device to transform your home, or you’re just sick of the backbreaking work of wiping your bum, these combo toilets could be the perfect solution.

Here’s what you need to know.


What is a Bidet Toilet Combo?

A combo toilet takes the function of a bidet, a traditional toilet, and a bidet toilet seat, and weaves them all together in one convenient package. Unlike a bidet toilet seat setup, which swaps out the seat on your run-of-the-mill toilet, or a traditional bidet unit, which requires you to hop off the throne and use the bidet separately, the combo toilet combines a bidet toilet seat with a china toilet bowl.

Design-forward, sleek, elegant, and a little less bulky than their retrofit counterparts, combo toilets replace your entire toilet unit, so there’s no need to find a seat that fits your existing toilet, rip up plumbing, or install a bidet attachment between the seat and the bowl.

Worried about features? Hold on to your hats, kids. These combo toilets offer elongated seats, 1-piece skirted design, endless warm water, air dryers for your bum, heated seats, nozzle adjustability, wireless remote controls, and deodorizers galore.

While these integrated bidet toilet combo units cost a pretty penny (often between $1,500 and $8,000), they’re a nice addition to any bathroom that’s looking to class it up a bit.

bidet toilet combo that cleans you

Installing the Toilet That Cleans You

We know what you’re thinking:

“This toilet sounds super high-tech. Shouldn’t it live on a spaceship instead of, like, my bathroom floor?”

Nice try, but no.

In fact, modern combo toilets are incredibly easy to install. While the exact process will vary a bit depending on the model you purchase, you can typically count on the following:

  • A standard 12-inch rough-in
  • The toilet will need a supply stop with 1/2-inch OD compression and a male outlet thread, as well as a 120 V, 15 A minimum, 60 Hz receptacle protected by a GFCI or RCD
  • The supply line will be included

Once installed, you might start to notice some positive effects on your energy bill. Most combo toilets meet EPA flushing guidelines that allow them to use less water than standard, 1.6-gallon toilets.


Why Invest in an Integrated Bidet Toilet Combo?

Aside from it looking cool, there are a few great reasons to invest in a combo toilet. In addition to saving water, lowering your utility bills, and transforming your bathroom, they also offer the following perks:

  • You’ll save some toilet paper. Americans use about 8 million collective tons of toilet paper every year. In recent years, research has shown that, if every household in the U.S. replaced even a single roll of that toilet paper with one made from 100% recycled fibers, we’d save about 424,000 trees annually. Not enough impact for you? Why not get rid of toilet paper altogether (or almost, at least) by installing a combo toilet? Because these toilets feature a built-in bidet, air dry feature, and self-cleaning features, they allow you to use much less toilet paper and decrease your environmental impact, as a result.
  • It’s luxurious as heck. You know that old vision of lying in the sun on a chaise lounge, being fanned and fed by willing attendees? Now imagine that for your bum. That’s pretty much exactly what a combo toilet does. When you use the loo, it directs a highly customized stream of warm water at your nether regions, cleans you up, dries you off, keeps you warm while it does it, and sends you on your way. On many units, the experience is 100% hands-free. It’s luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing. Who doesn’t want that?
  • It can help keep you healthy. While it’s not the most appealing topic in the world, it’s worth knowing that bum issues are common. Irritation, hemorrhoids, bacterial infections, and more - all of which can arise from wiping or incorrect bathroom hygiene. Luckily, a combo toilet can help banish these things to a distant memory. By removing bacteria completely (much more effectively than toilet paper), reducing friction from wiping, and soothing hemorrhoids, scar tissue, or other injuries, combo toilets and bidets can improve your health and wellbeing, and help you live a more comfortable life.


Are There Less Expensive Options?

If you’re not into dropping $5K on a toilet, you’re not alone. You’re also not out of luck. As it turns out, there are a few dozen options that are less expensive but will give you many of the same features.

The two primary categories of options are bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments.


Bidet Toilet Seats

Designed to replace the seat on your existing toilet, these nifty devices mimic the combo toilet, without quite as much sleekness, or quite as hefty a price tag. Available in both round and elongated options, the bidet toilet seat offers most of the features of the combo toilet but is easy to install, convenient, and affordable.

Bidet toilet seats that clean you

Life changer.

Bidet Attachments

Bidet attachments have surged in popularity, mostly due to their low price. Attachments are for people who value functionality over form. Designed to perform the basest functions of a bidet (getting your bum clean) without any of the bells and whistles, the bidet attachment comes in both electric and non-electric varieties.

Bidet attachment for your toilet that cleans you

While some electric varieties offer a water warmer, most are simple and straightforward: they install between the seat and bowl of your toilet and spray water at your bum to get you clean. That’s it.

The drawback of the bidet attachment is inferior durability, inferior mechanics, and life expectancy. But they get the job done at a low price. Which makes them ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the health benefits of a bidet but doesn’t want to break the piggy bank to get one.


The Combo Toilet: One Giant Step for Toilet-Kind!

Whether your priorities are health, modernity, or comfort, the combo toilet is a great option. The only toilet that cleans you, the combo toilet makes your bum happy, your health healthier, and your bathroom that much cooler! Check them (or their alternatives) out today.