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The 10 Biggest Bum Gun Myths, Busted

The 10 Biggest Bum Gun Myths, Busted

Bum Gun


While they’re widespread through other, more sophisticated parts of the world, they’re still in their infancy in America.

Talk to anyone who’s used a bidet, though, and they’ll tell you they can’t imagine going back to the old method of getting clean. In fact, they’ll tell you it seems downright barbaric. And for a good reason - bidets are incredibly intelligent tools, and people who use them LOVE the features, comfort, and cleanliness. So why are they so misunderstood here on our home turf?

Today, we’re going to bust ten big bum gun myths and spread some truth.


*Insert cheesy PSA music* “The more you know….”


10 Massive Bum Gun Myths to Stop Believing Right Now

Whether you’ve never used a bidet or you’re just pretty sure they’re weird, but can’t put your finger on why you believe that, here are ten substantial bum gun myths to kick to the curb now.


  1. Bidets Will Flood Your Bathroom

If you picture using a bidet like sitting down on a fire hose, think again. Bidets do not send you flying off the seat, splash dirty water everywhere, and flood out your bathroom. Remember: the bidets that first came to America were designed by Japanese engineers. Do you think they, some of the most detail-oriented people from one of the most fastidious cultures on earth, would settle for that kind of nonsense?

The reality is this: bidets are precise, clean, and sophisticated. The spray of water is targeted, highly directed, and will get you clean in the places you need it. Once you’re done, the nozzle retracts and goes through a self-cleaning chamber. Some seats even have an air-dry feature, so you don’t need to pat yourself dry.

That said, put your rogue water fears to rest. They’re not warranted.


  1. Bidets Mean You Have to Replace Your Toilet

If you want a bidet, you’ve got to rip out the whole bathroom, right? Wrong. Today, there are these nifty things called bidet toilet seats. Designed to install on your existing toilet, they take a standard toilet base and make it into a bidet.

A comfortable, accessible, and budget-friendly way to drop into the world of bidets, these seats install on any toilet, don’t require the help of a plumber, and make it easy to turn any bathroom into a bidet-boasting paradise.


  1. That Bum Gun Nozzle Gets Gross

If the thought of a bidet nozzle gives you the heebie-jeebies, it’s time to calm down. This isn’t something from a horror movie. Bidet nozzles don’t just hang out in the toilet bowl. They’re not made of rusty metal.

In fact, the nozzles on most modern bidet toilet seats are more sophisticated than you could imagine. Many models have two nozzles, a posterior cleaning nozzle, and a front (or feminine) nozzle. Each deploys separately, you can choose which you use at any given time, and they retract automatically.

When they do, most of them move through a self-cleaning chamber, which sterilizes and washes the nozzle to get rid of any bacteria that may be present. Additionally, most nozzles are made from stainless steel, and some even feature a twist-off portion, which you can toss in the dishwasher for extra cleaning. 

All these things in mind, it’s evident that the bidet nozzle does not get gross, and that it goes through a whole barrage of cleanliness maneuvers between uses.


  1. Bidets are Needless

Think a bidet is something unnecessary dreamt up by posh rich people who just don’t want to wipe their bums?


In fact, bidets (bum guns, to you), have many super practical applications. In addition to saving toilet paper, bidets can cut down on a host of bacterial infections caused by improper hygiene. They’re also ideal for relaxation, and can even promote pain management and comfort for people suffering from hemorrhoids or scarring as a result of episiotomy.

How’s that for smart and stylish?


  1. Bidets Take up Too Much Space

The bidet toilet seat gun is a fantastic invention. In addition to being functional, smart, and classy, these bum guns are also streamlined. This is especially true for the electric toilet seats. While they’re designed to fit any existing toilet seat, these nifty inventions are also low-profile and streamlined.

They don’t look much different at all from a standard toilet seat, and none of them feature a colossal bulk of controls that will rest right in the middle of your back. 

Instead, they’re streamlined, simplified, and perfect for your every toilet need. Some have wall-mounted remotes while others have low-profile side-panel controls. All of them, however, are the exact opposite of the monster you’ve been imagining.


  1. Bidets Cost One Million Dollars

Um. nope.

If you’ve never purchased a bidet before, you’d probably be surprised at how affordable they can be. With price tags ranging from between a few hundred bucks and up over one thousand, bidets fit virtually every budget.

If you’re not interested in paying big bucks for a bidet, you can opt for something like a non-electric bidet attachment or a handheld bidet, both of which are less expensive (and offer fewer features) than bidet toilet seats. Bottom line? You don’t have to pay one million dollars to drop in on a bum gun.


  1. Only Ladies Use Bidets

C’mon guys, there’s enough room here for everyone.

While bidets gained a lot of prominence as smart ways to maintain hygiene after a feminine surgery, like an episiotomy, or during menstruation or pregnancy, bidets are built for men, as well. In fact, most bidets feature a frontal and posterior nozzle, which can be deployed separately.

This isn’t just a girl’s club. Almost 60% of all North Americans buying them are... men.


  1. Bidets are Tough to Install

Think you’ll need to become a journeyman plumber to install that bidet in your bathroom? Wrong again. While standard plumbing (installing an entire toilet, for example) most certainly requires a plumber’s help, bidets don’t.

Some seats are simple enough that all you need to do is attach them and plug them in. These models don’t require additional pipes or extra hookups, and everything you need to install them is included in the purchase kit.


  1. Bidets Use a Ton of Water

Worried that having a bidet with on-demand warm water will make it impossible for anyone in your household to enjoy a warm shower or bath ever again? Think again. Bidets use a minimal amount of water with each operation. In fact, a standard 1-minute wash uses only .13 gallons of water, compared to the 3.5 gallons used per flush by older toilets.

This alone offers a considerable level of cost-savings. Imagine if you purchase a bidet seat that comes with a dryer, though: not only will it cut down on your water use, but you’ll be able to pare back on toilet paper, as well!


  1. My Butt Won’t Like a Bidet

Some people just thing bidets are weird. And it’s understandable! Since bidets are so foreign to people here in the U.S., few people have ever used one. The truth is, though, that bidets are wonderful, once you get used to them.

Sure - your first time using a bidet might be a little awkward, but it’s a straightforward process. Once you get used to it, we promise you’ll join all those other bidet-lovers in seeing the “old” was as barbaric. Once you go bidet, you’ll never want to go back.


The Case for a Bum Gun in Your Home

So, that’s that on the bidet misinformation. While myths about these unique little bathroom additions abound, the fact is that bidets are comfortable, convenient, clean, and stylish. Add one to your home to take your “go” to the next level.

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