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Kohler Intelligent Toilet

What is the Kohler Intelligent Toilet?

If a Kohler toilet seat isn't enough for you, it might be time to consider taking a look at the Kohler intelligent toilet. Designed for people who can’t get enough of bathroom toilet tech, and who are ready to change the way their poop routine forever, the Kohler intelligent toilet is a stunning design choice that offers the function of a bidet seat and the form of a spaceship.

We also share a little hack at the end of this article so you can get all the experiential benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s what you need to know:


The Kohler Intelligent Toilet

Today, some consumers want an all-in-one solution. While bidet toilet seats are advanced, functional, and endlessly useful, they require some installation, and a retrofit to your existing toilet. If you want to marry form and function in the most aesthetic form possible, there is another option: what Kohler calls “a seamless approach to technology.”

Kohler Intelligent Toilet 

Known primarily for its integrated look and clean lines, the Kohler intelligent toilet is as much a design statement as it is a functional item. Offering a full suite of truly intelligent and futuristic features and amenities, the Kohler intelligent toilet is a solid alternative for people who want more out of their bidet toilet combo.


What Does the Kohler Intelligent Toilet Share with Bidet Seats?

Don’t worry: if the Kohler intelligent toilet is outside of your budget, it’s still possible to get a great bidet toilet experience at a fraction of the price. How, you ask? Simple - by investing in a Kohler bidet seat, instead. While the two units are very different in form, they share all the important functions.

Here are a few of the most notable:

  • Water cleansing. Possibly the most obvious feature, this is what makes a bidet a bidet. Both the Kohler intelligent toilet and the line of Kohler bidet seats offer water cleansing instead of toilet paper cleaning. Both units feature a suite of customizable features, including pressure and temperature controls, and an oscillating spray feature.
  • Self-cleaning wands. All of Kohler’s products are designed to be as hands-off as possible, which means you won’t ever have to unscrew and clean a wand with your own two hands. Instead, the Kohler intelligent toilet and the Kohler bidet seats offer self-cleaning wands, which rinse through a highly technological chamber before use and following use. This keeps the wand clean and sterile, and ensures a hygienic experience for you.
  • Warm water controls. Say goodbye to jarring cold water on your nether regions! The Kohler suite of products offers warm-water cleansing, on both the front and back spray nozzles. This provides a truly refreshing alternative to toilet paper and will help you feel clean, relaxed, and confident after the go. Each unit also offers several different spray settings, including pulsate spray, oscillate spray, and fully adjustable temperature, pressure, and position.
  • Heated seats. One of the most exciting features of Kohler’s products are their heated seats. Available on both the Kohler intelligent toilet and the bidet seat varieties, the automatically-warmed seats create a warm and relaxing experience. What’s more, each is fully adjustable for optimal, personalized comfort.
  • Warm air dryers. Both the bidet seats and the Kohler intelligent toilet feature warm air dryers, which can be fully adjusted for a customized and comfortable experience. In addition to limiting your use of toilet paper, these seats can assist in the drying process and provide a level of personal comfort and assurance you can only dream of!
  • Automatic lids. Kohler’s line of products offers automatic opening, flushing, and shutting of the lid. This is a great option for anyone who wants an advanced and unique toilet system.

If you're committed to the full benefits of a bidet toilet combo, you should consider all your options. At BidetGenius our top selling integrated unit is the Bio Bidet IB 835, which shares all of the features listed above and shares the aesthetics of an integrated unit, for just a third of the price.

For a beautiful hack to the full integrated look of the combo units, the Kohler Novita BH90 or BH93 has all of the above features and adds them to your existing toilet seat with a 30 minute install. This is not only one of our all time best bidet seats but is also featured in our staff picks. Above all, it comes from Kohler and shares not only the sound manufacturing but the bold look. This bidet toilet seat is available from BidetGenius at about 12% of the cost of the full blown Kohler Veil pictured above. 

Keep the intelligence and lose the price tag with these two options. We at BidetGenius are committed to cleaning up the world one dirty behind at a time and we believe that bidets should not only be a luxury, but be available for all to enjoy.

The Kohler intelligent toilet system is an advanced, architectural option for anyone who wants an upgrade on the standard bidet toilet seat. Luckily, though, these units do share lots of features with the bidet seats, which means you don’t have to drop that much bank to take advantage of Kohler’s form or function.