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Why You Should Take a 2nd Look at Kohler Toilet Seats

Kohler Toilet Seats

If you’ve always thought of Kohler as a brand that makes faucets and shower heads, it’s time to think again. In recent years, Kohler has expanded its suite of products to offer everything from sinks to smart toilets, but it’s the Kohler toilet seats we’re particularly excited about.


Known for their sleek, stylish appearance and outstanding functionality, Kohler toilet seats are among the best in the market. To make matters even better, their bidet seats are affordable, easy to install, and chock-full of features.


Here’s what you need to know.

The ins and Outs of Kohler Toilet Seats

Kohler Novita Toilet Seat BN-330

While Kohler makes many different types of toilet seats, including various models for traditional toilets, we’re drooling over their unique bidet toilet seats, which combine elegant aesthetics with some seriously advanced technology. Here are a few of the things you can look forward to with the Kohler Novita BN-330 and Kohler Novita BH90, BH93 w/ Remote, for example:


  • Dual Washing. Twin, separate nozzles set the brand apart, allowing for entirely independent front and back washes.
  • Automatic Lids. Life’s hard - your toilet seat shouldn’t make it harder. When you invest in one of these unique Kohler toilet seats, you can always count on a warm welcome. Sensor-controlled lids open automatically when you enter the room, and close when you leave. The adjustable heated seat remembers your desired temperature and stays there, making for a comfortable and soothing experience, every single time.
  • Water Pressure & Temperature Control. Adjust each seat’s water pressure and temperature to your liking, via a sleek, modern, LED-backlit remote control. Easy to adjust, this makes using your bidet seat simple - even for visitors.
  • Oscillating Wash Settings. An oscillation feature creates a wide, satisfying spray that can be adjusted to your unique preferences.
  • Air Dry. Kiss toilet paper goodbye forever! Instead, enjoy the warm-air dry feature included in both these toilet seats. Designed to provide a comforting blast of warm air, these seats make it possible to adjust the temperature and intensity of the dryer.
  • Round and Elongated Options. Kohler’s toilet seats come in both round and elongated options, so you can always find something that suits your home. Both models are easy to install and use, and will be a stunning retrofit for any existing toilet.
  • Built-in Sterilization Features. Kohler toilet seats offer a self-cleaning system. Before and after each use, the nozzle passes through a cleaning mechanism, which keeps the bidet clean, sanitary, and welcoming.
  • Slow Close Lids. Few things are more jarring than the impolite slam of a massive toilet seat. With Kohler toilet seats, though, this isn’t an issue. Most models offer a slow close seat and lid. When you close the lid, they’ll lower gradually all on their own, closing silently, instead of with a horrible “thump.”
  • Night Lights. Find your way to the toilet in the middle of the night with a convenient night light feature. Dim enough to avoid being disruptive, but bright enough to illuminate your path, this is a feature you never knew you needed - until now.


Invest in Comfort with One of These Unique Kohler Toilet Seats

Here's some recon: we happen to know one of the CEO's of the biggest bidet toilet seat brands in the world, and they have Kohler BH90s throughout their home--rather than their own brand!  Now, don't tell anyone--but that's how confident you can be in this unit.

Whether you’ve got a round or an elongated toilet, Kohler bidet toilet seats are the perfect way to update your bathroom. Offering sleek design, smart features, a user-friendly installation process, and a variety of affordable price tags, these bidet seats are among the highest-quality on the market. Surprisingly advanced (Especially when compared to pricier models), these seats are a great option for anyone who wants to experience the magic of a bidet seat, without breaking the bank.


To learn more about Kohler toilet seats, or to find a model you love today, shop our selection of Kohler Novita seats now, or give our team a call for help finding the ideal option for you.