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How to use a Bidet: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know but Didn't Know to Ask

Are you wondering how to use a bidet?

If so, you’re not alone.

While bidets are sweeping the nation, they remain a little unfamiliar to lots of people, and rightfully so. Bidets are common all over Europe, the Middle East, and Japan, but they’re just now gaining popularity in the states, leaving us a little... er... bidet curious?

While bidets offer a wide selection of health and environmental benefits, they can be a little confusing to wrap your mind around.

Today, we’re going to talk about how to use a traditional bidet, and what you can look forward to with new-age varieties.


How to Use a Traditional Bidet

“Traditional bidets” are separate units that sit next to a toilet in a bathroom. Once you’ve finished, using the toilet, you’d move over to the bidet, straddle it, and adjust the temperature and jet settings to your preference.

That said, traditional bidets aren’t as common as they once were. In an effort to save space (and steps) many bidets now integrate directly with the toilet seat. They’re called “bidet toilet seat” units, and many install on any standard toilet base.

While some are automatic, other bidets are controlled via a remote control or a side panel. Here’s how each works:


Remote Control Bidets

Remote control bidets are typically positioned at the back of the toilet seat. When you want to use the bidet, you pick up the remote control and adjust the settings accordingly.

Depending on the bidet seat you’re working with, you may be able to change the spray width, alternate between “feminine” and “posterior” cleaning, set the nozzle to move back and forth, thus expanding the cleaning area, or adjust the spray temperature and intensity.

Some seats also have a nozzle sterilization or cleaning feature which allows you to manually clean or automatically sterilize the nozzle.

Brondell Swash bidet remote control

Side Panel Bidets

Side panel bidets have an attached side panel control, instead of a remote. When you use these bidets, you’ll find a side control panel featuring control button and feature selections.

These bidets work much the same way as remote-control bidets, but feature a side panel control that’s similar to a massage chair or similar structure. Side panel functionality is very common in parts of Asia, but North Americans tend to much prefer the remote control options.

By using the side panel, you can control the functions, make adjustments to the spray intensity and warmth, switch between functions, and much, much more.

Bidet seat with side panel

The Most Common Bidet Features

While the bidet you choose will offer different features depending on its make and model, some of the most common bidet features include the following:

  • Heated seats. Heated bidet seats keep the seat warm and welcoming, regardless of whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the winter. Boom!
  • Adjustable spray temperature. Essential for ensuring personal comfort, adjustable spray temperature allows you to ensure your bidet experience is comfortable and cleansing. Whether you like it hard or soft, trust us that yo can find the right fit for you. Check out our comparison chart for water pressure guidance across the various models.
  • Remote or side panel control. Modern bidets make it easy to control your toilet experience. Just choose between the features on the remote or handy side panel control.
  • Energy-efficient settings. Many modern bidet seats offer energy-efficient settings that allow you to put them in power saving mode and keep your energy bills low. Everyone likes a toilet with Eco-mode, right?
  • Adjustable pressure. Also essential for keeping you comfortable, adjustable pressure bidets allow you to select your experience and personalize it to your liking. Many feature a turbo feature used to stimulate the area... just in case there's bee a lack of activity for a while.
  • Deodorizer. Some modern bidet seats have a built-in deodorizer to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Most filters are carbon and simply neutralize the air rather than emit lavender or some other non-naturally occurring bathroom scent. They also provide an automatic sound barrier in close quarters.
  • Heated air dryers. Take the bidet experience to the next level with a heated air dryer designed to keep you warm and comfortable, and do away with your need for toilet paper.

Learning How to use a Bidet

If you’ve been wondering how to use a bidet, wonder no more. While bidets all vary depending on their make, model, and features, using them is simple and straightforward, and installing one in your bathroom is a great way to overhaul your space and make it much more luxurious and comfortable. Trust us when we tell you that operating your new bidet toilet seat is going to be easier than learning how to control your tv.

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