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Heated Toilet Seats

Heated Toilet Seats

Heated Toilet Seat

Imagine this:

You walk into the bathroom in the middle of the night. It’s winter, and the house is cold. You put your bare, vulnerable bum on the seat, though, and it’s a toasty 97 degrees.

How welcoming is that?

You might as well not go back to bed. In fact, it’s probably wise to get to work making a sign that tells your neighbors to suck it since your toilet seat is infinitely more welcoming than theirs.

Just kidding. Kind of.

What we’re not kidding about is how incredibly nice a heated toilet seat really is. For the moment let's ignore that these puppies are loaded with frontal and rear bidet sprayers, carbon filter deodorizers, nightlights, and warm water, and just focus on the fact that the toilet seat is heated!

Comforting, relaxing, and advanced, these heated toilet seats are a welcome addition to any bathroom.

Here’s what you need to know about these national treasures, and why getting one is a smart idea.


5 Big Benefits of Heated Toilet Seats

If bragging rights aren’t enough to convince you to buy one of these suckers immediately, here are a few additional perks to consider:


  1. Warmth and Comfort

 Let’s face it: warm things are comforting - blankets, baths, puppies, and toilet seats alike. When you invest in a heated toilet seat, you’ll enjoy the benefits of warmth during chilly winter nights, and a comfortable experience that’s fully adjustable to your personal preference. To take it even further, this warmth can help you relax and avoid tight muscles and bathroom discomfort.

As if that weren’t enough, the warmth and comfort associated with a heated toilet seat can also relieve pain for people living with arthritis or people recovering from injuries.


  1. Energy-Efficient

Energy efficiency is one of the primary benefits of a heated toilet seat. While some people believe that a heated seat uses more electricity than standard toilet seats, this isn’t true. In fact, heated seats use very little power, which means they won’t blow up your energy bill. This little perk also makes them an environmentally-friendly option you’ll love for years to come.


  1. Simple Installation

Heated toilet seats are very easy to install. Designed much the same way as traditional toilet seats, heated seats don’t require the assistance of an electrician or plumber to join your bathroom party.

This saves you money and allows you to bypass the time and effort associated with bringing in professionals.


  1. Multi-Functional

There are heated toilet seats, and then there are heated bidet toilet seats. While you could buy a heated toilet seat and call it good, you may as well upgrade your seat to a heated bidet option. After all, why not enjoy the perks of a heated seat along with a bidet, dryer, and oscillating sprayer?

Every single bidet toilet seat in the BidetGenius selection is heated, so why not drop into more advanced comfort? As you browse the collection, you can sort seats based on features, such as dual wash, air dry, automatic lid close/open, and night lights.


  1. Good Looks

Remember your middle-of-the-night “suck it neighbors” toilet seat fantasy? A heated toilet seat is the perfect way to bring it to life. Low-profile, elegant, and classy, heated toilet seats make a beautiful addition to any bathroom, regardless of style, size, or decor.


What are You Waiting for? Upgrade to a Heated Seat Today

Your old toilet seat is dated. It’s tired. It’s probably ugly. If it could talk, it’d say, “Retire me! Go live happily with one of those snazzy heated seats Kanye uses.”

And, you know what? It’s right.

Traditional toilet seats are so yesteryear. Today, it’s possible to get a durable, comfortable, classy, soothing heated toilet seat, complete with bidet functionality, for a price your budget likes.

Easy to install, nice to look at, and pleasant to use on those chilly, late-night trips to the commode, heated toilet seats consume minimal energy, look great in your bathroom, and will work with your existing toilet. 

What’s not to love? Find your perfect option today.