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Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If you don't see that answer to your question, call, message, or peruse our bidet articles.


Can I talk to someone?

Absolutely! Call BidetGenius at 855-703-5874. Sally, Walker, or another member of our BidetGenius team are here 8 am - 8 pm eastern time Monday - Friday. We take off weekends and holidays and you should too.


Do you have email support?

Of course! Consult with a bidet genius at


What are the benefits of a bidet seat and why should I get one?

Check out the short and long answer regarding Bidet Benefits.


Why are bidets are not a thing in the U.S.?

Some have speculated it was our Puritan ancestors, who may have considered such behavior to be “inappropriate.”

Stack on top of that WWII, where American soldiers kept seeing bidets in European brothels (re: conception and cleanliness ideas), which gave rise to the incorrect idea that bidets were a tool of immorality, rather than just a nice way to keep your bum clean.

That domino effect led to the continued proliferation of non-bidet built bathrooms throughout the U.S. And here we are today, still on the TP train.

The good news is, the previously outcast bidet is making a huge comeback, in the form of the bidet toilet seat. Hey this isn't your grandfather's bidet.

Check out our complete history of the bidet article for more.


Will a bidet fit my existing toilet?

We anticipated this one.  Check out our Fitting Guide.

Short answer: yes. Because for 98% of toilets, which come in standard sizes, you just have to.

  1. Determine whether your toilet seat is elongated or round.
  2. Select a bidet seat that comes in your size. Most come in both round and elongated versions.

On the rare occasion that you have a one-piece toilet, it’s worth a call to us. You can also check out our Bidet Seat Fitting Guide for additional details.


Can I install this myself?

A bidet toilet seat or attachment? Most certainly. Check our Bidet Seat Installation page for guidance.

Installing your new bidet toilet seat is easy as pie. These products were built as a Do-It-Yourself upgrades. And trust us, they really are.

There are no new "plumbing" changes you need to make (no new water lines, heating elements, etc.) and all parts needed to install your bidet seat will come with your new bidet.

At its core, and taking the electric bidet toilet seat as the example here, there are really only 3 steps:

  1. Remove your existing toilet seat and add the included mounting bracket and attach your new bidet toilet seat.
  2. Shut off the water at the valve, and add the T-connection that came with your bidet seat. This will allow for water to run to both the tank, and your new bidet seat.
  3. Connect the hoses from the T-connection to your tank, and the bidet.

Additionally you can find the detailed step-by-step installation instructions on our installation page, which include photos of each step.


Does a bidet seat require electricity?

The electric ones do. There are non-electric options: Non-electric seats, bidet attachments, and travel bidets.


Don't they leave your butt wet?

Good question. Thankfully, the Japanese have brought some serious ingenuity to the modern bidet design, and all of the bidet toilet seats we feature include warm air dryers so you can clean and dry, all with the touch of a button.

Check us out busting other bidet myths here. 


Would a bidet replace TP or simply enhance its use?

It depends.

With the wash and dry functionality of the modern day electric bidet seat, there’s no need for damaging toilet paper wiping of any sort. Many just pat dry after experiencing a hands-free cleaning, and go about their day. (I mean, let’s face it, you need your hands for your smart phone anyway).

You will still want to keep a little on hand, but you’ll probably stop buying the 24 packs.

If you buy a non-electric or a bidet attachment, you will still need TP for drying.


When do you ship?

All orders received prior to 1:45 pm Eastern M-F time will ship out same day. We ship most orders within 24 business hours of purchase. Orders shipping to the continental United States will arrive in 2-5 days.  You can read all about our shipping and return policy if you need to.


My product was damaged in shipping, can you help?

Yes, please contact us right away.


Is my product covered with a warranty?

Yes, almost all our products have warranties for a minimum of one (1) year manufacturer's warranty from date of purchase. Many extend beyond that and some offer extended warranties at time of check out.. There are exceptions and if so it is clearly marked on the product page. Please contact us for questions, tech support, and troubleshooting.

For more information about your specific unit, please check the product page for your bidet, check out our Bidet Warranty Guide, or contact us to learn more.


Shouldn’t I just use wet wipes?

Nope. Wet wipes are significantly worse for both your hygiene, the environment , and your plumbing (they’re not actually flushable, just ask New York City or The Atlantic). Wet wipes were even labeled “the biggest villain of 2015” by The Guardian.

Chronic use of wet wipes leads to significant skin breakdown and increased sensitivity, irritation, and cracking and fissures—which lead to anal condyloma (anal warts) in HPV positive individuals. The moisture left from using wipes provides the ideal environment for colonization of bacteria responsible for these outbreaks. Researchers from Cardiff University even found wipes don’t kill the bacteria in the first place, they, like toilet paper, simply spread it around.

Like anal itching, UTIs, and destroying the world? Use wet wipes.


Is a bidet unsanitary? 

Nope. Since the days of ancient Greece philosophers have wondered at the amazing geometric shape of the triangle. today, top end engineers argue over the exact angles of the bidet nozzle to make sure the nozzle doesn't get dirty in the first place. 

In addition, many electric bidet toilet seats now have self-cleaning features to make sure your bidet experience is sanitary, healthy, and clean.


Which one should I get?

Most expect us to have some sort of "PC" answer, like "they're all good," or something. Nope, we like the bidet toilet seats waaay better than cheap attachments--we only sell attachments because they're "gateway cleaners." We highlight our favorites here. Or, if you're redoing a bathroom completely, pick up a bidet toilet combo. You won't be sorry.


Can I flush the toilet in the usual way without using the bidet?

Yes, the bidet function is only turned on by the remote control or side panel and is not connected to your regular toilet plumbing.


How quickly does the water warm on these things?

It depends on the units heating mechanism. The first ones had a reservoir that warmed the water before you got there, but once the water ran out it moved cold water through.

The second generation had an “instant” water warmer which took a minute for the water to heat up (i.e. cold water comes out initially).

The latest have a “hybrid” system which includes both -- so the first drop is warm and it never runs out.

Oh baby, that’s nice.

Yes… it really is. But keep in mind we do carry all three. The latest versions from the manufacturers are all using the hybrid technology.


How quickly does the seat heat? Or is it heated all the time once turned on?

If you buy a unit with a heated seat you are in for a treat! Most have a low, medium, or high setting selection and you just leave it on (or off). For the eco-conscious there is a power saving mode.


How can I tell my friends about how BidetGenius helped me experience a squeaky clean backside?

We are so glad you asked! We love our customers to post their upgraded potties on social media and tag BidetGenius. Come find us on Facebook and Twitter! Sometimes, good things happen! ; )