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Don’t Waste Your Money on Any Portable Bidet

Tushy portable bidet

If you love bidets, one of your biggest gripes is pooping anywhere aside from your home because, let’s face it; America, as a whole (and hole) has not upgraded to the clean butt lifestyle that we subscribe to at Bidet Genius.

So what do you do when you find yourself having to poop on the go? Invest in a portable bidet, of course! But, be warned. Before you hop off the toilet to go purchase one, don’t waste your money on just ANY portable bidet! We recommend a simple, affordable and discreet option like the TUSHY Travel portable bidet. Here’s why:


TUSHY Travel Portable Bidet Doesn’t Require Batteries or Charging.

Non-electric bidet

Most portable bidets that you’ll find on the market are battery operated and/or need to be charged. This is due to the functionality of the hand-held device. However, TUSHY Travel portable bidet takes a different approach. Rather than using electricity, it is powered by a slight squeeze of the hand. It is essentially a water bottle for your bottom. The silicon body allows you to control the pressure of the stream by how hard you squeeze. Where many portable bidets on the market lack a pressure control setting, TUSHY Travel portable bidet has made it easy by putting the power quite literally in your hands.

No running out of batteries or losing power mid-emergency. Yikes.


TUSHY Travel Portable Bidet Is Collapsible and Expandable and Durable

collapsible bidet for travel

A lot of portable bidets look pretty… well, phallic. The odd shape makes it difficult to conceal and god forbid you pull it out of your bag in public. People will think you’re heading to the bathroom for, ummmm, different reasons. The TUSHY portable bidet is collapsible and expandable and is able to fit in almost any bag. It also comes with its own carrying case for maximum discretion.

When you’re ready to use it, remove the lid, expand by pulling the bottom like an accordion, and fill with water. To wash your bum, just squeeze the bottle until the water’s gone or you feel clean -- whichever happens first. I usually use only about one-third to one-half of the water in my Tushy Travel. Once you’re finished, empty any remaining water (if you have any left after that healthy poop), put the lid back on and collapse back to it’s portable size and keep it moving. And if anyone asks what it is, you can tell always them it’s a hip and modern water bottle.

The other plus side is that the silicone is very durable. No breaks, no cracks, and no wearing down.


TUSHY Travel Portable Bidet Has The Perfect Stream For Your Butthole

Mobile bidet nozzle

Let’s talk nozzle because that’s what’s going to be cleaning your butt. When you check out other portable bidets, the nozzle is often it’s own separate, bulky and looooooooong entity. Even with other squeezable bidets, they make it seem like you’re giving yourself an enema. With TUSHY Travel, the hinged nozzle is built into the cap. You can adjust the angle of the nozzle to hit your butt just right because as we all know, not all butts are created equal. The TUSHY Travel portable bidet has a 3-point spout. 3 holes to guide the water exactly where it needs to go and at the pressure you desire based on your squeeze.


TUSHY is a Conscious Brand

Americans collectively use over 34 million rolls of toilet paper every day which wastes precious resources and damages the environment and ecosystems that rely on trees. Using a bidet can reduce your toilet paper consumption by 80% and as a result, is fighting against the pulp industry which destroys 270,000 trees per day and wastes 37 gallons of water per toilet paper roll but TUSHY bidet does not stop there. They have a Give Back Program with Samagra, an organization that builds safe latrines for families in rural India. With every TUSHY you buy, a portion of your purchase for this great cause.

It doesn’t stop there. In 2019, TUSHY bidet became a carbon-neutral brand. They are taking action on climate change and will offset their carbon emissions to become an official carbon zero company.


TUSHY Travel Portable Bidet is Affordable

When it comes to portable bidets, you get what you pay for. You could opt for the cheap plastic squirt bottle but a cheap plastic squirt bottle is exactly what you’re going to get. The TUSHY Travel is only $29… cheaper than most electric portable bidets and more durable and effective than the others.  Put your money where your butt is.

Bottom line: Pooping on the go doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are great, no-hassle portable bidets out there like the TUSHY Travel portable bidet the same “at-home” clean as your TUSHY Bidet attachment. Oh, the places you’ll go and poop.

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