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Bidet Seat Installation

Bidet Seat Installation

Installing your new bidet toilet seat is easy as pie. This was built as a Do-it-Yourself upgrade, and trust us, it really is.  There are no new "plumbing" changes you need to make and all parts needed to install your bidet seat will come with your new bidet.

At it's core, there are really only 3 steps:

Installation of Bidet Toilet Seat

    1. Remove your existing toilet seat and add the included mounting bracket and attach your new bidet toilet seat.
    2. Shut off the water at the valve, and add the T-connection that came with your bidet seat. This will allow for water to run to both the tank, and your new bidet seat.
    3. Connect the hoses from the T-connection to your tank, and the bidet.

Make sure to check for leaks as you turn the water supply back on.

Once installed, invite all your friends over and get your potty party started!

That's it!

Want more play by play?  Here's the details:

Want your toilet to do this?

Follow these easy instructions:

Before you get started, please make sure you check out our Fitting Guide and make sure you're going to order a bidet seat that fits your toilet.

From there, we have step by step written directions below, but here's a video from the Kohler Novita BH90 / BH93 installation that shows step by step instructions in a clear way that is generally applicable to all bidet seats:

Bidet toilet seat installation instructions:

Remove your existing toilet seat and place the mounting bracket that came with your bidet over the holes on the back of your toilet bowl.

Bidet mounting bracket

Place the metal guide rails into the mounting bracket.

Metal guide rails for bidet seat installation

Insert the bolts that came with your bidet through the mounting bracket and the holes in the back of your toilet bowl.  Secure with the nuts.

Securing mounting bracket for bidet toilet seat installation

Once the mounting bracket is secure to your toilet bowl, slide the bidet seat onto the mounting bracket.

Slide bidet onto mounting bracket

With your new bidet in place, next, turn off your water valve (righty tighty),

Shut off water valve bidet installation

Flush your toilet to empty the tank of water. Make sure it's completely empty.

Flush your tank before bidet toilet seat install

Identify the T-connector that came with your bidet seat. It will either connect to the valve or the tank depending on your unit. This one clearly connects to the tank.

T connector for bidet seat

Simply unscrew the existing connection to the tank, screw in the T-connector to the tank, and the hose to the T-connector. Go ahead and attach the second hose that came with your bidet to the T-connector as well. Once the T-connector is installed, it looks like this:

T connector installed to tank

Attach the bidet hose to the bidet.

Bidet toilet hose

If your unit comes with a deodorizing filter, simply pop it in place.

Your bidet seat installation is complete! Share your new butt washing machine on Facebook or Twitter, and tag BidetGenius!  We want to celebrate with you!