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Should You Buy Your Bidet on Amazon or BidetGenius?Bidet Amazon

Amazon: it’s THE place to go for pretty much everything you need.

Not only can you buy a kitty litter box and a whole new wardrobe on the site, but shipping is fast and easy, and their customer service department wins about five gold stars.

Did you know, though, that you can buy a bidet on Amazon, as well?

Just because you can, though, doesn’t mean you should. Here’s the lowdown on why buying a bidet from BidetGenius is superior to buying a bidet toilet seat on Amazon.


Amazon: the King of Ecommerce

According to Recode, Amazon’s ecommerce sales grew 32% (to $196.8 billion) in 2017. During 2016, Amazon boasted a 38% market share and was the most prominent ecommerce company in the world, followed only by eBay, Apple, and Walmart.

As those stats demonstrate, Amazon is the king of modern-day ecommerce. While it’s a great place to purchase pretty much everything you need, it may not be the best place to purchase a bidet.


Unparalleled Selection at BidetGenius

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where bidet showrooms actually exist, you have the perk of being able to see, touch, and feel bidets before you purchase them. This is essential when it comes to purchasing a bidet.

Wondering why?

It’s pretty simple: a bidet is an appliance you’ll use every day. If you’ve never owned one before, you want to have a chance to check it out in person before you drop in. While nobody is recommending you actually use the bidets in the showroom, you’ll be able to pop the lid closed and check out the features there in a physical space.

If you don’t live in a place where bidet showrooms exist, BidetGenius is the next best thing. Here’s why: 

  • BidetGenius Only Does Bidets. While Amazon is the everything store, BidetGenius is the bidet store. We specialize in bidets, and we know a thing or two about what we’re doing with them. Our customer service agents can help you learn more about the bidets you’re interested in, and find one that works well for your home. We’re basically Genius’.
  • BidetGenius Offers Test Drives. While many of our individual bidets offer warranties of their own, we’re happy to supply you with an additional "warranty" on bidets you purchase from us. This comes in the form of a free 30-day test drive on certain models. Never trapeze without a net, and never buy a bidet without a test drive offer. Buy a top of the line item from us and you can return it for any reason at all for 30 days.
  • BidetGenius Offers the Best Prices. Looking for great prices on bidets? Look no further than BidetGenius. We offer a high-quality assortment of bidets at prices lower than Amazon, as well as a low price guarantee. We’ll help you find the best model for your home, then get it to you for cheaper. By NOT selling on Amazon, we take those saving and apply them where they should go--to you!
  • Safe, Secure, and Easy Check Out. We take safety seriously. This is why we meet all 6 categories of PCI compliance. We also know that checking out easily is a big driver for Amazon shoppers. That’s why you can use Amazon pay, Apple pay, a credit card, or paypal. You can even select paypal at check out in order to purchase your bidet on payments with zero interest.
  • Our Mission. We might not beat the Blues Brothers on their "mission from god," but we are committed to clean up this new world one dirty bum at a time. This is why we create the best bathroom reading content on the internet--to try and educate you into action, then offer you the best options, at the lowest prices. Yep, it's a dirty job, but we think it's the good fight.

Bidet on Amazon vs. BidetGenius: go With the Genius

If you’re considering buying a bidet on Amazon, the choice could seem tantalizing, so it's a good thing you found this article. ; )

By choosing to purchase from BidetGenius, the online leader in bidet toilet seat distribution, you’ll wind up with a high-quality bidet and a team of experts to help you answer any questions you have. And although I can't comment on those people working elsewhere, we're all... eh hem, clean.

What are you waiting for? Get shower-fresh today!