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Top 8 Bidet Benefits

Bidet installation

Easy Install

Bidet Benefit # 1: Bidet Seats replace your existing toilet seat, so no need to add new fixtures.  Just swap out the seat yourself in 30 minutes.  It's an affordable luxury that easily installs on your existing toilet.


    Bidet toilet seat water cleans better than toilet paper

    Water is Better

    Bidet Benefit # 2: If you were covered in mud, would you wipe it off with a piece of 2-ply and think you're clean?  You know the answer. So why do we think we're clean after we wipe?


        Bidet toilet seat clean brings confidence

        Clean is Confident

        Bidet Benefit # 3: Clean = Comfort = Confident.  This seat is about to change your life, but don't take our word for it.  Our 30 Day Test Drive Program let's you try some of the best bidets on the market today. But trust us, once you try it, you'll look at the rest of the human population and wonder how they're living without it.


          Bidet Toilet seats have environmental benefits 


          Environmentally Friendly

          Bidet Benefit # 4: Put your potty on Eco mode. Literally. Sources claim that bidet seats can reduce toilet paper use by 75%.  We just know it's a big reduction. Guess who saves that money?


            Bidet seats improve hygiene

            Improved Hygiene

            Bidet Benefit # 5: Washing reduces bacteria and is hands free.  Plus, if you're getting lucky tonight, trust us, they want you washed.


              Bidet medical benefits

              Medically Beneficial

              Bidet Benefit # 6: Your auto bum washing machine is extremely beneficial for those that need assistance. Medical conditions, injuries, and seniors may need extra help sometimes. Washing is easier, hands-free, and can be your new sitz bath.  Plus wiping causes anal lesions and itching, while bidet seats help clean hemorrhoids gently. Just don't lose the remote!


                Bidet butt washer makes sure your sh*t don't stink

                Removes Scent

                Bidet Benefit # 7: Hey, we know your sh*t don't stink, but your roommate doesn't agree! A common feature on high end units is a deodorizing filter.


                  Bidet toilet seats are fun!

                  Way More Fun!

                  Bidet Benefit # 8: Oscillating and pulsating washes, night lights, heated seats, deodorizers, warm air dryers...  Are you kidding me?! This is better than augmented reality and cheaper than your iPhone. Welcome to the luxury you can't live without. Spray on!
                  Bidet Genius has the Best Benefits for Bidet Seats

                  Bidet... Genius!

                  Plus you get the best in the business with BidetGenius.  We want your butt confident that you're buying form the right place. So we offer more, and do it through our hybrid supply chain system. Yes, we offer the  best brands with a low price guarantee no shipping charges, and no taxes. Maybe that's all you need. But we add knowledgeable staff, bidet resources, fast shipping, and worry-free returns.
                  Above are all the bidet benefit bullet points.  It's really all you need.  But, if you're one of those that really want the details, the long version, then here's the behind the scenes info. It's probably more justification than you ever wanted:

                  Why You Need a Bidet Seat

                  Despite the adoption of using water to clean one's bum after using the toilet in the rest of the world, the US has stubbornly continued to use dry paper since 1857.  I wonder why?  Wiping with dry paper doesn't eliminate the contained bacteria that caused 30 million cases of hemorrhoids last year, was the root cause of UTIs, and caused anal itching?  The environmental benefits of using water over paper are staggering as well. It’s estimated that in 2017 Americans will spend $38.4 billion on toilet paper and it’s currently expected to increase by 46% by 2040. Like everything else invented over 100 years ago, it’s time for an upgrade.  Besides, don't you feel fresh and confident after a shower? 

                  In 2017 Houzz reported that 1 in 5 new toilets in renovated master bathrooms were equipped with high tech features. 4% of these renovated bathrooms add space for a traditional bidet, while 8% add a toilet seat with bidet functionality (up from 6% in 2016). This is good that people are catching on!

                  BidetGenius allows for any user to replace their existing toilet seat with an intelligent, water washing solution by providing large selections, customer service, a hybrid supply chain, no taxes, and free shipping. Largely considered by users to be “a luxury you can’t live without,” the bidet toilet seat offers posterior and frontal (feminine) washes, with pulse and massage options, as well as "intense" and soft wash cycles, warm air dryer, heated seat, night light, and carbon odor filter...  This is not your grandfather's toilet seat! This is a toilet seat "with benefits!"

                  “If you took bacteria cultures after a bowel movement using a bidet versus toilet paper, you would see why it makes much better health sense to use a bidet,” says Philip J. Buffington, M.D., chief medical officer at The Urology Group, in Cincinnati. Fox News quoted Dr. David Shusterman, a board-certified urologist in New York City “When you dry-wipe, you’re not getting all of the bacteria and it’s a major source of anal discomfort [and] itching,” Dr. David Shusterman, a board-certified urologist in New York City. “Anal itch is one of the main problems that people go to a colorectal surgeon with.”  Inadequate wiping can also increase the risk of anal abscesses and fitulas. Well, if this isn't a bidet benefit, we don't know what is!

                  In addition, toilet paper uses 437 billion gallons of water, 253,000 tons of bleach, and 15% of the driving force behind deforestation (Roughly 270,000 trees worldwide are flushed into sewer systems or dumped in landfills every day), versus 1 pint of water per use with a bidet seat. Plus your toilet paper is toxic.

                  But, BidetGenius, we hear you say, the trend has moved to wet wipes, an estimated $2.9 billion industry in 2018 the US alone, doesn’t this solve the problem?

                  Nope. Wet wipes are significantly worse in both hygienic and environmental capacities. Wet wipes were even labeled “the biggest villain of 2015” by The Guardian. Chronic use of wet wipes leads to significant skin breakdown and increased sensitivity, irritation, and cracking and fissures—which lead to anal condyloma (anal warts) in HPV positive individuals. The moisture left from using wipes provides the ideal environment for colonization of bacteria responsible for these outbreaks. Researchers from Cardiff University found wipes don’t even kill the bacteria in the first place, they simply spread it around.

                  From an environmental perspective, flushable wipes are not disposable—most contain plastic fibers. Fibers that New York City spent $18 million tax dollars on “wipe related equipment problems” in the last 5 years.

                  Bidet seats are much more affordable and convenient than the old-style porcelain bidet fixture models popular in Europe. They simply replace your existing toilet seat without requiring a new fixture altogether, although the high-end models do require an electrical outlet.  Providing a tech-forward, luxury experience electric bidet seat models provide features such as customized warm water with temperature, width of spray area, and pressure settings. Also, posterior and “feminine” washes, heated seats, nightlights, turbo or “enema” wash to assist with constipation, child settings, soft close seat, self-clean and sterilization, warm air dry, odor neutralizer, and user pre-sets. This is a self-cleaning, intelligent toilet.

                  Bidet Seats are also more effective at hygiene than traditional bidet fixtures: traditional bidets aren’t ideal for women because they can actually increase the chance for a UTI, Shusterman said. “It splashes around too much and it’s not directed at the proper location,” he said. A washlet, an electronic bidet toilet seat, is a better option because it provides a more targeted stream of water.

                  Bidet functionality also helps women after childbirth, particularly those who have perineal tears or an episiotomy. Shusterman added, “After an episiotomy, I see a very big increase in urinary tract infections. The main cause is poor wipe technique.”

                  Using a bidet (is "bideting" a word yet?) is a preventative measure for bacterial prostatitis, which is an inflammation of the prostate that, according to a study in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, affects about 8 percent of men. If that's not proof that cleaning is better than wiping, us bidet genius' don't know what is.

                  For women in particular, cleaning with water can ward off urinary tract infections (UTIs).  Studies show between 40 and 60 percent of women will develop a UTI sometime in their life. 25% of women will have at least one repeat infection. A study in the Journal of Infectious Diseases found E. coli bacteria from feces are responsible for 90 percent of UTI cases. The culprit? We'll leave that up to you to decide.

                  Let's find your new bidet toilet seat, right here, right now with BidetGenius. So that you too can enjoy the bidet benefits first hand!