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We at BidetGenius first washed our backsides on a backpacking trip in 1995. We survived on a total of $3,000 over the course of 10 weeks.  We slept on passenger trains and ate pasta out of a can... in Italy. But relished the bidet experience. When we left it was a sad goodbye to the old world beauty, and the traditional bidet.

Recognizing that American bathrooms were not built for adding an "extra fixture," we jumped on the opportunity to help people on this side of the pond experience the satisfaction  (and fun!) of washing after being introduced to "Japanese style" bidet seats.  Along the way, we learned a lot. Turns out toilet paper and wet wipes are pretty nasty stuff--who knew?

We're fighting the good fight by spreading bidets across the new world. By supplying you with the best brands, a low-price guarantee, knowledgeable staff, bidet resources, worry-free returns, 30-day test drive policy, no shipping charges, and no taxes, we're proud to be quietly leading the way. 

We try all of our units ourselves and that's how we know we've got the good stuff. Our customer service manager Sally is famous among plumbing suppliers the world over for her knowledge, dedication and helpful personality. Our team is available by phone an unparalleled 8 am - 8 pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday.  Of course we take major holiday's off.

One of our happy customers!

In 2006 our founder, Walker, became interested in the warehousing component being utilized in ecommerce. He built out a fulfillment center in the corner of his father's printing company and he started learning the ins-and-outs of supply chain management and operating a warehouse. Years later, pairing this skillset with knowledge of bidet seats and a passion for a clean backside, BidetGenius was born.

We've incorporated a unique hybrid supply chain model to get you the fastest shipping at the lowest price.  We have our own warehouses in Missouri, and in New York. We may ship your product from one of our warehouses, or we may ship directly from a manufacturer. This will depend on a combination of variables including which product, current inventory levels, manufacturer agreements (i.e. getting you the best price), the ship-to location, etc. We strive to supply the best shipping times in the industry and this hybrid inventory model leverages the best of drop shipping with the best of vertical integration, without the drawbacks of either.

Our founder, back in France, 2003 (he's the one with a clean bum).

We at BidetGenius are committed to cleaning the world, one dirty butt at a time. And we at BidetGenius want nothing more than for you to experience the simple joy of washing. Bidet... Genius!