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Olympia TB-300 Portable Travel Bidet
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Olympia TB-300 Portable Travel Bidet

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the Portable Bidet (But Were Too Embarrassed to Ask)

If you think death is the cruelest fate, think again. Being stuck in some dirty bathroom somewhere and having to do your business without the hygiene-protecting help of a bidet is a fate much worse than death.

Fortunately, though, it’s not a fate everyone is willing to suffer, and the potential horror of that reality was enough to drive bidet manufacturers to develop the portable bidet.

Designed to help you stay clean and comfortable on the road, the portable travel bidet serves the same purpose as a full-size bidet but is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It’s a genius invention, and ideal for anyone who wants to protect their hygiene and dignity, even when they’re away from home.

Here’s what you need to know about the portable travel bidet, but never wanted to ask:


What is the Use of a Portable Bidet?

The portable bidet is a hygiene device.

Basically, it relies on the foundational truth that water works better than paper when it comes to cleaning your bum, but that not every bathroom in America offers a bidet (yet…).

When you think about it objectively, toilet paper is a pretty archaic invention. It does very little to remove feces, it’s rough, and you have to use your hand to get in there. Plus, it’s massively wasteful! By recent estimates, Americans use an average of 57 squares of toilet paper each day, and about 50 pounds of toilet paper per individual per year. That’s a ton of trees lost to our bums each year!


All in all, it’s a disappointing experience that can place you at risk of bacterial infections, irritation, and discomfort. Doctors know this: there’s a mounting body of evidence that states that over-wiping can lead to fissures, hemorrhoids, or irritation.

So, what’s your other option? You could use wet wipes, sure, but those clog plumbing and aren’t even that much more effective than their dry-wipe counterparts.

If none of those things sound like a party to you, you might start thinking about better ways to get clean, even when you’re on the road.

This is where the portable travel bidet comes in.

Designed to fit in your pocket, palm, or purse, a portable bidet contains enough water for a single use and can be dispensed whenever you need it. Simply fill it up, aim it where you want it, and depress the plunger. It’s a great way to stay clean and avoid the barbaric system of toilet paper altogether, even if you’re stuck in a gas station bathroom or something equally unappealing.


How the Portable Bidet Works

As you can imagine, the portable bidet is a pretty simple device. While every make and model is different, each includes a small reservoir designed to hold water. Here’s what the Olympia TB-300 looks like, for example:

portable bidet

When you want to use the bidet, you simply fill it with water and squeeze the bottle.

Although some portable travel bidets are battery-operated, most are purely mechanical. This means there’s nothing to replace, fix, or swap out when it wears. If you have a medical condition or just like to snazz up your bidet experience, it’s easy to add a solution containing Witch Hazel or another oil or medication.

The travel bidet is small enough to allow for accurate aim and durable enough to go through the washing machine when it’s time for a cleaning. Most models come with a travel bag, so you can discreetly toss it into your purse or briefcase when you’re done.


How is a Portable Bidet Different from a Standard Bidet?

The portable bidet is different from a bidet toilet seat or smart toilet with a built-in bidet mostly in that it doesn’t offer nearly as many features.

While a bidet toilet seat is like driving a Ferrari, the portable travel bidet is like driving a tractor - not as snazzy, but it’ll still get you down the road. Today, bidet toilet seats come in many different makes and models, and each offers a massive selection of features. Most, for example, offer heated seats, warm-air dryers, dual nozzles, deodorizers, LED nightlights, automatically opening and soft-close seats and lids, different spray settings, and more.

The portable bidet, however, only offers the spray feature. While you can fill the reservoir with warm water, it won’t heat the water up on its own for you, and it certainly won’t offer any oscillating or massaging spray options. That’s okay, though: it’s not meant to be a dog and pony show - it’s just meant to help you get clean and stay clean. In many ways, that’s the same purpose of more advanced bidets. Sure, they do it with more bells and whistles, but they still do it.

If you’ve installed and enjoyed a bidet toilet seat at your house, you can think of a portable travel bidet as just one more way to get clean and stay that way.


Add a Travel Bidet to Your Bag and Stay Clean on the go

While you wish you could take your bidet toilet seat with you everywhere you go, TSA hasn’t cleared that kind of luggage yet, and it’s impractical anyway. Luckily, you can get the clean of your beloved bidet no matter where you are - you’ve just got to add a travel bidet to your repertoire.

Available in a variety of makes, models, and sizes, the travel bidet is an inexpensive addition to your toiletry bag, and can help you avoid issues like irritation, infections, and discomfort, even when you’re not home. Designed to provide the cleanliness of a bidet, without all the bells and whistles, a travel bidet is a great way to preserve your health and wellbeing while you’re traveling or exploring.

If you’re interested in picking up your first portable bidet, check out our options. You can also give our staff a call for more information or help finding the right model.