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Blooming NB-R1063 w/ Remote Bidet
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Blooming NB-R1063 w/ Remote Bidet

The Blooming Bidet Toilet Seat

Blooming bidet seats are known for the aesthetic sleekness as well as their adaptability to fit virtually any toilet seat, including most one-piece toilets and even many with a French curve. This was and remains rather groundbreaking in its field, but Blooming has hardly skimped on the important features that lie beneath the seat. They’re all there: tankless, energy-efficient water heater, adjustable nozzle for front and back washes that is specially coated with a germ-resistant covering, customizable settings for water pressure, position, and temperature.

Of course, the seat itself is heated, the seat and lid are both slow-closing, and a warm air dryer guarantees you the perfect, warm end to a perfectly warm and hygienic wash. And, if you’ve ever had to get up during the night to use the bathroom (join the ranks!), imagine a cool, tranquil blue nightlight that illuminates the bowl and lets you stay in that dreamy state. You might even dream about using the Blooming bidet in the morning!

Produced by New Zealand-based company NCM Corporation, Blooming Bidet toilet seats are some of the best bidet seats on the market. Backed by a leading reputation in durability (most offer a 2-year warranty and 10-year parts backup), these babies provide the functionality, style, and unique solutions you need to upgrade your bathroom space.

What we Love About Blooming 

Blooming offers a series of unique bidet toilet seats. Whether you’re looking for a non-electric bidet seat or something that provides antimicrobial resin and a handy remote control, you can trust that blooming has it. Here are a few things you’ll love about their various models: 

  • Sleek Designs. Each model in the Blooming Bidet lineup offers a sleek, modern design. This means they’ll integrate beautifully with your existing bathroom and compliment your interior, no matter which option you purchase. If you’re looking for a different color, Blooming offers a variety of finishes.
  • Anti-Microbial Nozzles. Keep things clean and sparkly with an antimicrobial nozzle. One of the unique features of the Blooming bidet lineup, models like the NB-R770E and NR-R1060E feature antimicrobial resin across the nozzle and surface for a more hygienic toilet setup. This coating allows you to clean less and enjoy a safer and more sanitary bidet seat.
  • Dual Nozzles. Like most modern bidet seats, the Blooming Bidet lineup offers several models with dual nozzle settings. These “cleansing” and “bidet” options are ideal for every member of your family and will ensure the bidet remains comfortable and accessible for anyone who wants to use it.
  • Wireless Remotes. The Blooming Bidet lineup offers a selection of models featuring wireless LCD remote controls. This allows you to access the convenient features of the bidet without fiddling with a control panel or manually adjusting anything. These remotes are sleek and ergonomic and are ideal for even new bidet users.
  • Power Saving Modes. Keep your energy bill low and manageable with power-saving settings designed to lower your carbon footprint. This is just one of the many intelligent features of the Blooming Bidet lineup.
  • LED Lights. See your way to the commode at night with built-in LED lights. Ideal for accessing your bidet without hurting yourself or stubbing your toe, these features are some of the best-loved of the Blooming lineup.

The Blooming Bidet NB-R1063

Blooming bidet makes a fantastic bidet lineup and is an excellent addition to your bathroom. 

Check out the Blooming NB-R1063 w/ Remote Bidet to get started with their suite of smart products or call us to find another option that will work for you.